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NEW DELHI: Yet another thrilling season of the Hero I-League ended with a blockbuster finale (March 27, 2021) as Gokulam Kerala FC came from behind to crush TRAU FC’s & Churchill Brothers FC Goa’s hopes and emerge victorious in the three-way title race, scoring four goals in the final 45 minutes of the season.

However, while the skills, hard work and passion of the players kept us entertained on the pitch, what was sorely missed was the exuberant contribution of the dedicated legion of Indian Football fans that makes the I-League special.

“Football without fans is not the same,” said Mr Sunando Dhar, CEO Leagues, “The plethora of emotions that a game of football evokes is special when we get to share it with fans inside the stadium who join together to show appreciation or at times even vent their frustration in one voice.

“As we know, this year due to the exceptional circumstances of the pandemic we were deprived of sharing these moments with our fans inside the stadium but the I-League Fans’ Season Awards are an opportunity for them to relive these magical moments and we want to give all the fans an opportunity to make their voices heard.”

Fans are invited to vote for their favourites by clicking here. The voting will begin with the Goal of the Season and follow the order mentioned below.

Categories & nominees:

1) Goal of the Season

Komron Tursunov vs RKFC, Jan 10
Shaiborlang Kharpan vs RKFC, Jan 19
Vijay Nagappan vs GKFC, Jan 9
Pedro Manzi vs RKFC, Feb 28
Suraj Rawat vs CCFC, Feb 23
Adefemi Lukman vs CB, Mar 5
Pedro Manzi vs CB, Mar 15
Bidyashagar Singh vs MDSP, Mar 5
Emil Benny vs TRAU, Feb 13

2) Assist of the Season

Naorem Mahesh vs CCFC, Feb 3
Judah Garcia vs RKFC, Feb 13
Kingslee Fernandes vs NFC, Feb 24
Pratesh Shirodkar vs CB, Mar 5
Kean Lewis vs CCFC, Mar 6
Zothanmawia vs RKFC, Feb 23
Deepak Devrani vs ARW, Feb 19

3) Save of the Season

Kiran Limbu vs CCFC, Feb 13
Ahan Prakash vs NFC, Jan 20
Shibinraj Kunniyil vs TRAU, Mar 21
Kiran Limbu vs TRAU, Mar 15
Lalmuansanga vs CCFC, Feb 28
Rakshit Dagar vs AFC, Feb 14
Bishorjit Singh vs GKFC, Jan 25
Sachin Jha vs GKFC, Feb 23
Ubaid Kadavath vs MDSP, Feb 8

4) Defensive action of the season

Suresh Meitei vs RGP, Jan 19
Saurabh Bhanwala vs CB, Jan 19
Mason Robertson vs NFC, Feb 13
Saurabh Bhanwala vs AFC, Jan 9
Elvedin Skrijelj vs TRAU, Jan 26
Gurpanthjeet Singh vs RGP, Feb 9
Sena Ralte vs GKFC, Jan 30

5) Moment of the Season

Bidyashagar Singh’s Back-to-Back Hat-Tricks
Komron Turusnov Breaks Fastest Goal Record
Ahan Prakash Becomes Youngest Hero of the Match
Adefemi Lukman Scores a Perfect Hat-Trick
Gokulam Kerala FC end Churchill Brothers FC Goa’s 11-match Unbeaten Start
Gokulam’s 4-3 win against RGP after being 1-3 down at HT
I-League D-Day

6) Fans’ Forward of the Season

Bidyashagar Singh, TRAU
Komron Tursunov, TRAU
Luka Majcen, CB
Claywin Zuniga, CB
Adefemi Lukman, RKFC
Mason Robertson, RKFC
Chencho Gyeltshen, RGP
Dennis Antwi, GKFC
Pedro Manzi, MDSP

7) Fans’ Midfielder of the Season

Konsam Phalguni Singh, TRAU
Alfred Jaryan, AFC
Sharif Mukhammad, GKFC
Pratesh Shirodkar, RKFC
Bryce Miranda, CB
Kingslee Fernandes, CB
Kean Lewis, SDFC
Iqbal Hamid Hussain, CCFC

8) Fans’ Defender of the Season

Huidrom Naocha, GKFC
Hormipam Ruivah, RGP
Deepak Devrani, GKFC
Helder Lobato, TRAU
PC Laldinpuia, AFC
Hamza Kheir, CB
Sairuat Kima, SDFC
Hira Mondal, MDSP
Sena Ralte, RKFC

9) Fans’ Goalkeeper of the Season

Kiran Limbu, RGP
Bishorjit Singh, NFC
Mithun Samanta, RKFC
Amrit Gope, TRAU
Ahan Prakash, ARW
Rakshit Dagar, SDFC
Lalmuansanga, AFC
Shubham Roy, MDSP

10) Fans’ Emerging Player of the Season

Bidyashagar Singh, TRAU
Bryce Miranda, CB
Kingslee Fernandes, CB
Emil Benny, GKFC
Naorem Mahesh Singh, SDFC
Songpu Singsit, NFC
Huidrom Naocha, GKFC
Hormipam Ruivah, RGP

11) Fans’ Player of the Season:

Bidyashagar Singh, TRAU
Clayvin Zuniga, CB
Kiran Limbu, RGP
Luka Majcen, CB
Dennis Antwi, GKFC
Mason Robertson, RKFC
Komron Tursunov, TRAU
Konsam Phalguni Singh, TRAU