By Sruti Chakraborty,
AIFF Media Team

NEW DELHI: The Meghalaya-based club has progressed by leaps and bounds since its inception and will now participate in the Hero I-League Qualifiers, bringing the beautiful state back to the national football map once again.

“Ryntih Sports Club will be heading into its debut in the Hero I-League Qualifiers with exciting and promising young talents, and with a mixture of experience and raw talents to have inculcated the belief that there is no feat that is unachievable,” head coach Khlainpyrkhat Syiemlieh echoed the ethos of the team.

The community-based club has been competing in the state league for a long time but their success graph took a steep rise in the last two years. After winning the Rani Motors knockout tournament at Laitkseh, Meghalaya in March 2019, they went on to triumph in the 11th Bodousa International Cup in Assam and the 5th open-to-all tournament in Wahiajer, Meghalaya.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, they won the 9th All India Chief Minister’s Gold Cup tournament in Sikkim in January 2020 followed by a runners-up finish in the Bharat Ratna Dr BR Ambedkar Memorial Invitation North-East football tournament in Assam in February.

Khlainpyrkhat Syiemlieh was at the helm of Rangdajied United FC in the Hero Second Divison League (2013) and was the deputy during the Hero I-League (2013-14).

“The dedication that the team have shown in these past few months will reap the benefits at the event and we shall go all guns blazing to bring glory back to our state,” he was brimming with confidence while speaking to

“We are a community-based club that was established to promote local talent and now we want to showcase the talents of our local boys at the national stage,” he continued.

Chesterpaul Lyngdoh is arguably the most renowned name in the dressing room while his teammates are also not far behind. Padam Chhetri will stand under the woodwork while Meban Wahlang, Banpynkhrawnam Nongkhlaw, Allen Camper Nongbri will shoulder the defensive duty.

Former Lajong midfielder Hardy Cliff Nongbri and Sheen Sohktung have also joined the club in order to take them within touching distance of the Hero I-League qualification.

Senior member Wahlang mentioned, “As a senior member of the team, my responsibility is not just to play well but to find a way to make everybody around me better. I shall take these matches as challenges as my target, at the moment, is to lift the Hero I-League Qualifiers trophy with Ryntih SC and then take it from there.”

“The preparation is going on well as planned and we’re all hyped up and ready for the challenge. We, as a team, have always motivated one another and have guided us to get better and stronger to be able to showcase the sweat, blood and tears we have put in to get to this level,” Nongkhlaw added.

The local youngsters’ sheer speed and agility are going to give opponent coaches many a sleepless night. Their dauntless approach towards the game might upset some heavyweights but on the other hand, inexperience may hurt them in the upcoming tournament.

“We know the clubs and their credentials, who will compete against us, yet we believe that we have the potential to give them a tough fight any day. We are not a team that will fear anyone, but one that shall be feared by all,” Syiemlieh echoed.