SHILLONG: Shillong Lajong Football Club wishes to announce the introduction of the first-ever “Season Tickets” for the upcoming I-League 2017/18 season which is scheduled to begin on 25th of November.

The Club is proud to be one of only three football clubs that have sustained its participation in the I-League over the last decade. This would not have been possible without the support of the football loving people of Shillong, Meghalaya and the entire North East region.

Indian football is in rapid transition and with a likely announcement of a unified league structure in the near future, it is our objective to ensure that Shillong and the North East is aptly and meaningfully represented by their own in the premier league of the country. As we prepare to put our best foot forward in the upcoming I-League, we appeal to all the football loving people of Shillong and Meghalaya to come and support us in our endeavour to ensure that the city and the region continues to not only be a supply of talent to the nation but also be an important hub of footballing activities of the highest
level in the country. This will not be possible without the support of our fans.

As a club that was the first to qualify to the I-league in 2009 and thereby bring the national league to the North East, we were one of the youngest football clubs in the National League then. Today, almost a decade later, we are one of only three football clubs that will have played in 7 consecutive I-League seasons, the other two being century old Mohun Bagan and East Bengal Football Club that was established in 1920.

We are proud of being one of the best-supported clubs in the country and we value all our supporters. This year our desire is to make the JN Stadium the most vocal and loudest home ground in the country (I-League and ISL) and showcase Shillong as a city that genuinely loves the beautiful game.

We, therefore, appeal to all our fans and the football-loving public to join us in our effort and battle to continue to make football of the highest level happen in Shillong in the years to come and thereby ensure Meghalaya and the North East continues to develop in the field of football and contribute ever more meaningfully to the national team.

We appeal to all our fans and the football-loving public to please procure your season ticket as a mark of your support and to inform and request your family and friends to do the same and let us together endeavour to build Shillong and the entire North Eastern Region as a footballing hub and powerhouse of India in the near future.

We Need Your Support.

The “I Support Lajong” season tickets will be available at the following prices:
• VIP Season Ticket will be available at Rs. 3000 for the entire season
• Covered Gallery with chairs will be available at Rs. 900 for the entire season
• New Covered Gallery will be available at Rs. 700 for the entire season
• Open Gallery Stand A and B will be available at Rs. 450 for the entire season
• Open Gallery Stand C will be available at Rs. 250 for the entire season
• Academies and Clubs based in Meghalaya will also be offered 50% discount on the

season tickets for Under 18 Boys/ Girls with a minimum purchase of 30 tickets.

The normal match day ticket price per game are as follows:
VIP – Rs. 500
Covered Gallery with chairs – Rs. 150
New Covered Gallery without chairs – Rs. 100
Open Gallery Stand A and B – Rs. 80
Open Gallery Stand C – Rs. 50

Fans who wish to purchase the season tickets are requested to visit the following
outlets from 11th November onwards.

The Mobile Centre, Police Bazaar
Sports Spirit, Police Bazaar
Naga Mandarin, Laitumkhrah
Café Shillong, Laitumkhrah
TK’s, Laitumkhrah
AL’s Seat Cover, Mawlai Nongpdeng
Sports Centre, Polo
Sports Zone, Iewduh

For more details please contact:
Ms. Janice Lynrah, Media Manager Shillong Lajong FC