AIFF Media Team

All India Football Federation reopens the window for Hero 2nd Division League 2018-19 nominations. All State FAs can nominate a maximum of 2 teams who meet the below-mentioned guidelines. The last date of nomination is 20th October 2018.

1. All nominated clubs must have participated in the last conducted top-most division League of the District/State.

2. A club must have finished in the top five or top half of the FINAL league table,  whichever is lower,  in order to be nominated for HERO 2nd Division League 2018-19.

Example 1: A team which has finished 5th/4th/3rd and so on, as per the FINAL table of such League which had ten or more teams, will be eligible for nominations.

Example 2: However a team which has finished  5th as per the FINAL table of such League which had less than 8 teams, then the team will be deemed ineligible for nomination. In such a condition (FINAL league being of 8 teams or less), teams who have finished 4th/3rd and so on are eligible for nominations

3. All nominations are subject to approval by the AIFF League Committee.